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Benefits of Mediation

  • Self Determined Outcomes
  • Independent and Neutral
  • Fast – One Day Process
  • Resolution of Root Cause Issues
  • Also available for Teams

The impartial resolution of conflict between individuals, mediation is a productive and effective mechanism for resolving conflict in the workplace as an alternative to lengthy, costly and energy sapping formal processes.

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0203 536 5678
Benefits of an Independent Investigation

An independent investigation can protect your business from allegations of bias and from prolonged appeal processes. There are different types and different stages of investigation and we can help you make the right choices from the moment an issue is raised.

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0203 536 5678
Benefits of Our Training

  • A variety of Courses in Conflict Resolution
  • Training for HR and Managers
  • Experienced Practitioners on All Courses
  • Bespoke Training Courses Available
  • Post Course Support

Whether you need training in conflict management personal resilience, coaching or managing formal processes like investigations, we have the right course for you!

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0203 536 5678
Benefits of an Internal Resolution Service

  • Mediators Who Know Your Business
  • Cost Effective
  • Timely Resolutions
  • Learning Can Be Applied
  • Demonstrates Well-being as a Priority

Creating a resolution focused culture is not just about training a team of mediators nor is it just about creating new policies. Developing an Internal Resolution Service ensures that informal dialogue becomes the basis for resolving disputes and rebuilding relationships.

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0203 536 5678

Need to set up an Internal Mediation Service in your workplace?

Don’t hesitate to speak to one of our specialists today. Whether you want the full programme of training for an inhouse team of mediators together with implementation, maintenance and management or maybe you are just interested in training and some advice – talk to us and see what we can do to help.


Need to train internal mediators in your organisation?

We run accredited mediation training courses and develop mediators with varying levels of experience. You may even already have trained mediators in your organisation and now need to bolster your capacity – If so, we are here to help.


Need a mediation?

Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to resolving conflict. Whether you have two individuals or a group of individuals experiencing difficulty in a working relationship we can help.


Need a workplace Investigation?

Sometimes it can be useful to have an external pair of eyes look over a difficult situation. Sometimes an independent investigation may provide impartiality in cases where this could be called into question – We provide a fast and reliable service for our clients.


Having trouble getting a difficult message across?

We can often find ourselves shying away from having important conversations for a number of reasons. Try our one-day difficult conversations course and see an immediate increase in the confidence needed to have these types of conversations.


Need to know more about the practical applications of workplace mediation?

Contact us today. We offer free seminars within the Greater London area. If you are thinking of investing in a resolution focused workplace culture, but are not sure where to begin, we are here to help.


What training course is right for me?

If you need to have a talk through the right type of training course for you, our training needs analysis is second to none at identifying training needs and providing you with the learning outcomes that you desire.

Our Values

An organisation committed to the resolution of conflict wherever it may occur. With 10 years experience in resolving disputes and building resolution programmes in the workplace quality is guaranteed.  Learn more about us.

Mission Statement

To work in partnership with organisations, to understand their values and their aspirations and to help them to overcome the natural conflicts that can occur in all areas of society hindering the achievement of personal and professional goals.

We work at all times with honesty integrity and transparency to ensure that we return your investment in us with interest. We aim to exceed your expectations. We will use every inch of our 10 years of experience working with conflict to ensure you benefit!!