About The Director - Verbal Resolutions
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About The Director

Thomas Kuevi

Thomas is one of the most experienced workplace mediators in the United Kingdom and having worked in the unique position of managing a full-time time of internal mediators embedded inside one of the UK’s largest employers there are very few questions on disputes in the workplace that Thomas is unable to answer. Thomas has a 2:1 Degree in Criminology and Psychology and trained and qualified as an accredited workplace mediator in 2008.

Thomas joined the TCM Group in March 2008, originally as an intern. In this role, Thomas worked tirelessly to establish and co-ordinate a newly formed centre of mediation excellence – the Professional Mediators’ Association (PMA), is dedicated to providing continuing professional development for trained mediators nationally. Thomas also drafted the initial practice standards for workplace mediators and developed a quality assurance framework for trained mediators.

The wealth of experience that Thomas brings comes from having spent the last decade working for the TCM Group training and developing the employees inside some of the UK’s most notable companies. Along with this Thomas has also consulted within these organisations to ensure the correct conditions exist for effective dispute resolution at all levels of the organisation.

Thomas’ experience was recognised in 2014 with a seconded role within The Royal Mail Group to train, mentor and manage to newly formed National Mediation Team who went on to revolutionise the way the organisation and the union viewed and managed conflict.

“Royal Mail’s mediation service and team of mediators are one of a kind and the project to deliver internal mediation using a fulltime team of mediators was ground breaking in the UK”. This was their day job, they were professional internal mediators and Royal Mail recognised that they needed an experienced professional to manage mentor and develop these mediators

Thomas has personally conducted in excess of 500 mediations across a variety of sectors ranging from the NHS, Higher Education, manufacturing, distribution through to the Finance and Legal sectors. These cases involved a range of matters including personal relationship break downs, employment contract issues, disciplinary problems and performance related conflict.

Thomas is passionate about helping companies and individuals to resolve disputes through non-violent and constructive dialogue and he is a champion of quality in resolution services we provide.

Additionally Thomas creates and delivers various bespoke training courses, for managers and leaders within organizations. Outside of his training work he also provides independent investigation and neutral evaluation services for small, medium-sized and international companies requiring specialist, professional and independent analysis within formal processes.


Thomas also has extensive knowledge of different working environments, having worked in a number of different sectors including finance with RBS, hospitality with Hartford Group PLC, and also sport and leisure both playing semi-professional football and running after-school and holiday football camps in numerous schools across London. Thomas is dedicated to the early resolution of workplace conflicts and created the VR needs analysis and CALM Triage process. Alongside this Thomas has also worked voluntarily as a community mediator within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.