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Resolution Training

The National Accreditation in Workplace Mediation

5 and 6 day Accredited courses available

Mediation Skills – Basic 1 Day

Equip your managers and leaders with the skills they need to prevent disputes before they escalate out of control with this 1 day course. This 1 day course equips delegates with the core mediations skills they need to ‘nip’ conflict in the bud. Conflict in the workplace causes a decrease in productivity, increase in absence and a lowering of morale across the entire business as well as costing the company thousands of pounds each year.

Mediation Skills – Intermediate 2 Days

As above with an additional practical element included

Mediation Skills – Advanced 3 days

Gain a deeper understanding of the skills required to mediate disputes and benefit from practical engaging role-plays along with quality feedback from a trained assessor.

Team Facilitation Skills

Learn how to resolve team and group conflicts with the UK’s mediation experts. This two day programme will equip mediators, facilitators, coaches and change agents with the skills and processes that they need in order to resolve team conflicts across a diverse range of industries. The course provides experienced mediators, coaches and facilitators with the skills and tools needed to resolve a wider range of internal disputes. The course blends a sound theoretical perspective with useful practical tools. Discussion and participation are vital so please be prepared to challenge, be challenged and have an open mind as we explore a new way of resolving team disputes and conflicts.

Investigation Training

Investigation Skills – Basic: 1 day
Investigation Skills – Intermediate: 2 day
Investigation Skills – Advanced: 3 day

This course is predominantly for use as part of grievance, bullying & harassment and disciplinary investigations, however, it is also suitable for investigators involved in complaints, misconduct and other types of investigations. Recent legislation coupled with ACAS guidelines means that all organisations are required to have a structured approach to employment relations and workplace issues. Central to this is access to skilled workplace investigators who can undertake an effective investigation, thereby enabling the employer to reach a fair, objective and reasonable outcome.

Resilience Training

Getting Performance Management Right

Managing performance is often one of the most difficult aspects of people management. Getting it right is the key to building balanced and effective working relationships and setting the right tone for a consistent and fair workplace. On this course delegates will learn the key stages of effectively managing employee performance at different stages and over various periods of time.

Managing Difficult Conversations

On this course, delegates learn how to hold difficult conversations, nip issues in the bud and give feedback to their team concerning performance and absence. The course has been designed and is delivered by experts. Delegates develop an awareness of the block and barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them. Through active participation and experiential learning delegates learn how to secure sustainable and lasting outcomes at times of change, crisis or conflict.

Facilitated Conversations

Designed especially for leaders and HR professionals; this one or two day programme will equip delegates with the skills and techniques to resolve and prevent conflicts before they escalate. Facilitated conversations within a resolution focused environment allow for informal and structured dialogue to take centre stage as a first course of action when dealing with complaints and relationship issues.

Coaching and Conflict Management

Learn how to support people to transform the way they manage conflict, change and crisis on this two day course. This course brings together coaching and mediation skills in a single powerful process, and supports people to change the way they view and approach conflict, change and crisis.

Coaching gives the essential skills for addressing challenging behaviours and in a constructive way. It impacts positively on grievance resolution, employee engagement and performance. This course draws on our experience providing training and consultancy in the areas of mediation, conflict management, principled negotiation and positive psychology.