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Resolution Services

Resolution Services


The impartial resolution of conflict between individuals, mediation is a productive and effective mechanism for resolving conflict in the workplace as an alternative to lengthy, costly and energy sapping formal processes. Mediation allows the two parties to address any root cause issues and if able, to find a mutually agreeable outcome allowing them to move forward and draw a line under the past.

Team Facilitation (3 party +)

The resolution of disputes between groups of individuals can take many different channels dependent on the nature and context of events that have occurred and the dynamic of how these individuals interact personally, professionally and within the organisational or even departmental structure

Verbal Resolutions is able to facilitate dialogue and help resolve disputes for a wide range of workplace collectives from working groups to project teams or office-based teams to remote teams. We don’t necessarily wait for a dispute to manifest and can also deliver a range of pre-emptive workshops and team building days.


Occasionally in the workplace there are events that require the application of a formal process or conduct which needs to be examined, scrutinised and recorded with the findings made available to appropriate persons within the organisation. This process can be challenging and difficult for those on the receiving end; but when handled quickly, fairly and thoroughly with a focused approach, these challenges can be the platform on which relationships can be rebuilt to ensure consistency and clarity can be assured across the working environment.

Verbal Resolutions has experience in many types of workplace investigation processes including the following: Fraud, theft, grievance, bullying and harassment, breach of confidentiality, discrimination as defined under the Equality Act 2010.

Neutral Evaluations

Sometimes as an organisation you may find that the personnel in your organisation who are normally tasked with resolving issues, complaints or grievances have become embroiled in the issues themselves.

It is not always clear what the right way to move forward is both in terms of following due process, remaining consistent with employment law but also doing so whilst keeping resolution firmly in your focus. In these circumstances a neutral evaluation can be an ideal strategy to gain a clearer picture of the complexities, the needs and expectations at hand in order to develop an overall strategy to manage the conflict.

Conflict Audit

Usually run as a stand-alone half day workshop for key stakeholders or coupled with a half day presentation this is a great opportunity to find out how resolution ready your organisation is for internal and externally sourced resolution services.

Consultancy video