Workplace Consultancy Services UK | Verbal Resolutions
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Consultancy Services

Our consultancy support services are available to assist you in all areas of managing change, resolving disputes and setting up the infrastructure required to run and manage an internal resolution service. We will use our experience to support you.

We are experienced in developing and imbedding the practical and ideological internal frameworks that allow for a resolution focused culture to thrive. When trying to create resolution focused outcomes within a workplace or indeed amongst any group of individual working interdependently it is essential that the starting point comes from a value led place. Creating a resolution focused culture is not about just training a team of mediators nor is it just about putting a new policy in place. Creating an Internal resolution service ensures that informal and resolution focused conversations become part of the internal narrative and guide the conversations that take place within your business. We understand the pitfalls that you may encounter and have experience in making the cultural change process a smooth one.

Services available upon request include:

Recruitment of Mediators

Resolution Service Management

Business Case Support

Service Maintenance

Further Training Needs

Service Evaluation