About Us - Verbal Resolutions
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About Us

The Four Pillars – Prevention, Resolution, Learning and Transformation – The Foundation for Managing Organisational Conflict

Our Company

Verbal Resolutions was established in 2018 by Thomas Kuevi who has spent the last 10 years working with a wide range of industry leading organisation to create in-house solutions for the early resolution of conflict in the workplace. For two years between 2014 and 2016 Thomas worked for the Royal Mail Group acting as manager for the National Industrial Relations Mediation Team – the first of its kind.

Verbal Resolutions is currently growing our network of associates to expand the work we do facilitating resolutions and empowering individuals within organisations to do the same. With successful resolutions achieved in 90% of cases, mediation is an ideal choice for organisations seeking to resolve conflict in the safest, simplest and most effective manner.

At Verbal Resolution we have a unique associate model which empowers our partners and clients. Our model allows our clients to communicate directly with an assigned point of contact for any of the services that we provide.

Our Values

At Verbal Resolutions we pride ourselves on basing our business values on the values of mediation.

Resolution Focus

In our work we know that our clients come to us looking for solutions, we know that it is important that in our interactions we are able to assist with services that allow the parties involved to attain the goals that they set out to achieve.

In light of this it is important that we understand your needs clearly from the outset of our relationship and therefore for this reason we begin every service we deliver with a VR Needs Analysis – A comprehensive overview and detailed enquiry of your needs to ensure we only offer you services which are suitable for your needs.

What matters to us is that you get what you need!

Transparent and honest

We will send you a quote for our services within 48 hours of your VR Needs Analysis detailing a bit of what you told us, a bit of what we told you and the clear pricing structure for the services that you have been offered


Whilst we are a growing business and seek both feedback and testimonies from our clients your personal information and confidentiality s of the upmost importance to us. We are GDPR compliant.


You are in a safe pair of hands here at Verbal Resolutions. We are experts in the resolution of conflict in the workplace and in the wider community and your safety is paramount to us. We protect your information and seek to set up events which are accessible to all.

Our Commitment to Quality

We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency and aim to build relationships that are built on mutually beneficial outcomes. We want to give businesses what they need not by chance but by listening and implementing the mechanisms for self-reflection and self-determined change.

We are committed to holding true to our promises and providing advice and support which is built on a wealth of experience working in partnership with HR OD and LD departments across a variety of industries including Local authorities, the NHS, Higher Education and a wealth of private sector companies.